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Online C.O.D Catering Website Package - e-Catering | My-e-SME™
e-Catering - My-e-SME™

e-Catering is an Online Business Website Design/Built and Development center, powered with our online application My-e-SME™. Where our customers with the conventional business will be upgradeed to "online ready" business, a complete online facilites and ready to take challenges with today dealing mechanism and trendings.

The Catering Business which expected to be "online ready" will provide efficiencies, both from the business segment as well as benefits to customers.

There is a special form for Entrepreneurs to fill-up for the purpose of building a My-e-PKS website or your online e-Catering business facility. You will find out how easy to create a quality and fast system by only filling-up the informations and just uploading the required images. And thats it, its Done. Your Website working and ready to serv.

Catering Website Package, Design, Development, Build

Traders / Entrepreneurs /
Owners / Entrepreneurs

Online C.O.D Catering Website Package - e-Catering | My-e-SME™
Promotions, sales and offers that can attract your online customers are created in our system, where merchants can presenting services or products according to current trends.

In our online system, the development of the online Catering being completed with a simple and fast method which is less than 24 hours its completion. The completed development with ease of functionality such as whatsapp order, video display, marketing, SEO and more.

In this section also, there is a form provided for the Entrepreneurs to register the My-e-PKS™ Booth/Outlet/Kiosk/Stall of the e-Catering Website.

Catering Website Package, Design, Development, Build

Visitor Shopping
Consumers / Customers

Catering Website Package, Design, Development, Build
The public will get information through our digital marketing, i.e. google search, social media, articles and more by disseminating the Catering information which is set by us in our upgrade program.

When the visitor's selects your service or product and location, the link will take the customer directly to your online business site, where the user will place an order via whatsapp, phone or email which is available on the e-Catering website.

In this column, visitors or buyers have several search system facilities for either products or merchants. There are several ways to search freely or by location such as state level, district, sub-district, zones or areas and also search by category provided.
Online C.O.D Catering Website Package - e-Catering | My-e-SME™

& Payments

Catering Website Package, Design, Development, Build
If it involves delivery within a specified radius, it is done by the dealer himself. If the delivery is out of radius, we recommend third party delivery services such as LalaMove, Grab Delivery or others. For long-distance delivery, courier service is recommended, depending on the prodict expiry of the goods must be within the delivery period.

Payment by Cash Delivery (C.O.D.) or Transfer of funds to a bank account which is normally use.

Please see an example of an e-Catering at the link below.

Example of structure is here My-e-SME™ e-Catering


Building Website - Creates, Web Design & Development for Online Catering

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